With the ever-changing innovations in technology today, there are many sources of information and it can be challenging to discern the validity of information, or to find specific data. Knowledge is a powerful tool and can profoundly affect everything from basic societal culture to business and economics to competition for resources. With this in mind, the I3 Business Intelligence Strategies program was designed and developed over years of practical experiences. The strategy skill sets can be readily adapted and applied to many different mediums and situations.

Highlights of practical experiences  - Scot Austin (Captain, Ret'd)

  • 28 years in the Canadian Armed Forces
  • 6 years Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch
  • NATO deployments: Bosnia-Herzegovina (1997- ‘98); Afghanistan (2007 – 2008)
  • Supervised intelligence cell of 17 personnel
  • Experienced staff officer at operational and strategic levels and as line officer at tactical level
  • Analyst in high tempo, strategic environment (at Joint Intelligence Operations Centre, Kabul).
  • Mentored junior Intelligence Officers on theory and application of intelligence principles and general leadership to enable their professional development
  • Lectured on Threat Operations on Force Protection Officer Courses.

Intelligence Management

  • Coordinated intelligence requirements for operations plans.
  • Identified OSINT and IMINT requirements.
  • Reviewed and approved intelligence reports, summaries and briefings.
  • Provided intelligence support to Force Protection at various Canadian Armed Forces installations.
  • Reviewed and approved current intelligence assessments and consulted with other intelligence agencies in theatre.
  • Conducted threat analysis.
  • Assessed foreign and asymmetrical forces’ vulnerabilities.
  • Produced geo/political assessments.


Concordia University of Edmonton, AB Bachelor of Arts

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB Management Development Certificate

Royal Military College of Canada Canadian Forces Officer Professional Military Education

University of British Columbia, B.C. Project Management Certificate


  • Canadian Forces Business Performance Management Course
  • Basic Intelligence Officer Course
  • USAF Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection Level 2 Course
  • Force Protection Officer Course
  • Basic Maritime Warfare Course
  • Air Force Command and Control Intermediate Staff Officer Course
  • RAF Targeting and Battle Damage Assessment Acquaintance Course
  • Strategic Defence Intelligence Analyst Course
  • i2 Analyst Notebook (Link Analysis)
  • OS Int Methods and Techniques Training Programme (IHS Jane’s)
  • Certified Cyber Threat Forensic Investigator