i3 Makes a Difference

i3 Business Intelligence Strategies' core purpose is to train and enable decision-makers to implement confident and informed decisions. Courses in Open Source Intelligence. 

We deliver intelligence expertise, training and support to multiple sectors – including commercial organisations, financial institutions, insurers, military, law enforcement, government, public and community services. 

Our team of intelligence professionals have extensive and diverse expertise, and are dedicated to working with you to deliver products and services tailored to your needs.

Our Approach

Intelligence involves the process of collecting valid information, applying appropriate analysis, and determining relevance, in order to answer specific problems or questions. It may concern queries about current operations or to predict future behaviour and outcomes.  The intelligence process is comprehensive, versatile, and can be easily applied to any situation that demands thinking, research, problem-solving, and communication skill sets. Building competencies in these skill sets will increase productivity, ability to make concrete recommendations, and/or greater decision-making capacities in any sector.


Leveraging Open Sources

The ability to identify, gather and organize relevant and valid sources of data is a critical skill, and as such, is an important focus in our training programs. There are multiple venues of publicly available information to explore in addition to the internet. Researching effectively to access data can generate a new knowledge base specific to the client’s requirements; therefore skill sets are developed and refined while applying them to real life situations.

Applications and Benefits

The OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) process is beneficial and easily adaptable to all sectors – from data collection to analysis to dissemination, which supports strategic planning. More specific examples of who would benefit from this training are: investigators and analysts, researchers and journalists, law enforcement and government officers, non-profit organizations (NGO’s), human resource managers, legal practitioners,  petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies, business managers and competitive intelligence professionals.

Customized Client Training

i3 BIS offers advanced training and courses tailored to accommodate specialized requests.  Courses are available to clients in several formats, depending on their requirements. Customized packages will allow maximum benefits relative to the prior knowledge base that clients have, so that building new understanding and conceptual knowledge enhances skill set growth. Practical applications and experiential teaching methods assist in the learning process, whether at the formative stage of learning skills, or at a more advanced level.


CADSI (Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries) 




   Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals